Low maintenance shoulder length long bob haircut

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that requires minimal upkeep but still looks chic and trendy, a low maintenance shoulder length long bob haircut is the perfect choice for you! With the right cut and styling techniques, you can achieve a versatile and stylish look that is both easy to maintain and perfect for any occasion.

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Bob Haircut with Fringes and Without

Bob haircuts are very particular in their appearance and the addition of fringes or bangs can turn it around. Fringes are added to a bob haircut most times so that the haircut can fit with a ladies face shape. Before allowing your stylist to give you that bob haircut, find out by the ling whether you want a bob haircut with fringes or bangs. You can always choose a bob haircut that is without fringes. When choosing whether or not to get a bob haircut with or without fringes you must consider the following:

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Do I have a round face?

There are few things about your body that you need to know it basically such as blood group, allergies that you are prone to, the shape of your face and so on. It is very simple to determine your face shape whether it is oval, heart-shaped, round or square.

Knowing your face shape would help you in the grooming such as getting a perfect haircut, choosing perfect glasses, and using contouring kit. Haircuts is the easiest part, as you can click site to find short hairstyles for round faces. But in first, you have to determine your face shape.

Tips to determine the round face

When you try to determine your face shape it is better to pull and slick your hair behind for obtaining a full and clear outline of your face. You can also simply draw the outline of your face on the surface of your mirror using lipstick or lip liner for a better understanding of your face shape.

To know if you have a round face shape, you can check with the following points. A round face is similar to that of a square-shaped face but it consists of a softer angle. The sides of the round face would tend to curve slightly outward rather being straight. Your chin would be round and the wider part of your face would be cheekbones.

round face

Meaning of round face shape

Here is the meaning of round face shape and determine the character just by a look. The round face shape typically says that you are a people person who loves giving the most and you are the way too generous and kind.

The people who have a round face tend to put other people first. The other people would be always your first priority and you would help others in all kinds of situations. This type of character would literally attract narcissistic people and please do not let yourself into danger. You can change this mentality just by trying to give more importance to yourself.

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Blunt Bob with Gradient

A gradient haircut means a hairstyle that has more than one color shade.  It is commonly used interchangeably with the French word ombre. It can be a dark hair color at the roots that graduates into a lighter shade or could be a dye of totally different color shades such as pink, blue or green. It can also be more than one colors if you want that fairytale rainbow look.

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Bob with Triangle Layers

When you see and desire a hairstyle, the best way is to take a photo to share with your stylist. This ensures you get the best impressive results in replicating the haircut. Stylists have always had an easy time creating a bob haircut. However, triangle layered bob can be quite a tricky haircut to attain perfection.

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Long Pixie Haircut with Layers

Every confident woman longs for a stylish look that makes them feel confident and satisfied by their look. If you want to change your hairstyle and are wondering if a pixie is okay, consider an amazing long pixie and ask your stylist to put some lavish layers.

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Ultrashort Bob Haircut

A busy schedule comes with a few compromises but for a classy lady, this should never be at the cost of their beauty and style. Clean, simple, and low maintenance haircut is a perfect style for a busy independent woman. Ultrashort bob haircuts are the simplest hairstyles you will get. They are suitable for all sorts of hair and facial features.

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