Blunt Bob with Gradient

A gradient haircut means a hairstyle that has more than one color shade.  It is commonly used interchangeably with the French word ombre. It can be a dark hair color at the roots that graduates into a lighter shade or could be a dye of totally different color shades such as pink, blue or green. It can also be more than one colors if you want that fairytale rainbow look.

A blunt bob is one of the most classic haircuts of all time and has recently made a classy and trendy come back. It is an executive clean haircut that favors women of all ages and considered an always popular summer haircut.

Considerations When Choosing a Gradient

When choosing a gradient for your blunt bob consider the following:

  • What is suitable for your complexion and skin tone?
  • Look at your personality and what you want the gradient to say about you
  • Your taste and preference in terms of what colors you are willing to try on your hair
  • Ensure you are psychologically prepared to bleach and dye your hair

A blunt bob with a gradient is radiant and its simplicity and lightness are considered a blessing in summer. Let’s look at some of the favorite blunt bob haircuts that look amazing with a gradient:

Centre Parted Bob

If your hair has natural waves, this center-parted blunt bob is perfect for you on any summer day. It’s perfect for a round or square face and a bright color gradient makes it bright and attractive. If you have dark hair, consider a purple, green or pink gradient which you can match up with a faintly similar color eye shadow.

Sleek Side Parted Blunt Bob

This magnificent haircut has a length barely touching the neck and its blunt nature gives you a clean neat appearance. You may decide to give it a tuck behind one ear like Jenna Dewan for that gorgeous look. A gradient to this marvelous haircut will give it a glow and draw attention to your facial features. You can give your dark hair blonde gradient for this blunt bob. You may also decide to give the side part a deeper gradient leaving just the roots in a dark color.

The millennials prefer bright gradients such as pink, blue, green and purple for their gradient blunt bob. However, older ladies prefer a blonde gradient that is not too bright and others will be happy with two shades of the same color more so their original hair color and a lighter shade. Ultimately, blunt bob with a gradient brings out the best in your facial features and leaves a long-lasting impression of you.